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Nats Spring Training has arrived!

Wow, it’s surprising for me to see I haven’t posted a blog in a month! This is insane, although there has not been too much going on in Natstown. Pitchers and Catchers…and the rest of the squad have reported, and we have just wrapped up the first game, and win, of Spring Training, a 9-3 rout of the Mets. Mike Morse had a great game, hitting two home runs to put the game out of reach. I have had a lot of time to think, and I have a lot of things to get off my mind, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nats talk!

I believe that Mike Morse should be a starting outfielder, hands down. The Nats brass and reporters have issues with him not being able to hit against top of the line starters. My response to that is quite simple. They are top of the line starter for a reason. They are supposed to be tough to hit. Morse has been an off the bench guy for a while now, so he hasn’t been able to get in a hitter’s groove and show his hitting prowess. In my eyes, if Morse is the Opening Day left fielder, it is an upgrade offensively. Morse hit 15 homers in 266 at-bats, and i gotta say, that is pretty damn impressive. For a guy like Morse to play in not even 100 games and to have 15 homers, imagine what he could do with a starting spot, this kid is a 30 or 35 home run guy in the making. To me, the outfield needs to be tweaked, and Morse needs to be starting in Left.

My next thought is about Center. I don’t exactly understand why the Nats traded for Nyjer Morgan when they did. He hadn’t even played 60 games, until they acquired him in ’09, when he played 120 games, so i don’t see where they saw what they saw in him. His 2010 season was anemic to say the least, and if he doesn’t pick it up this Spring Training, I would love to see Roger Bernadina starting in Center this season. All that has been said about Bernie is that he could be a 20/20 player some day, and we saw some of that last year. He did fall off a bit last season, I know, but I still think he has more positives than Morgan does, he’s quite a bit younger, has speed, could hit one or two in the lineup, and I think he offers more pop at one or two than Morgan ever could. If Morgan has a bad spring, I wouldn’t be upset to see Bernie in center at all.

I’m also a bit alarmed about Chad Gaudin. Why exactly would the Nats offer him a chance to be a starter? I thought we were past the point where we were so desperate for pitching that we bring these guys in. I like in Lynbrook, on Long Island, so I have the YES network, and I saw him pitch with the Yankees and I have two words about him: Long Reliever. Gaudin is a decent spot starter and a much younger version of what Miguel Batista was last year, so let’s not kid ourselves here. Gaudin is a long man, or a mop up guy, he should not be opening the spring as a starter.

Where is Tom Gorzelanny? I don’t understand why we have heard nothing about him since the Spring started. He should be the #5 starter, not Maya or anyone else vying for that spot. We gave away 3 prospects for him, and I don’t see any reason why he should not be in the rotation. Unless he can’t get an out in the first inning against Kansas City, there is no reason for him not to be the #5 guy.


Go Nats!