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2010 Offseason Thoughts

Well, the last few days have been crazy if you’re a Nats fan. The Nats pulled in a huge crown jewel that can, with a few more moves, can morph them into a contender, YES, a contender. Jayson Werth signed a 7 year, $126 million deal Sunday, and of course, all the baseball writers said the Nats overpaid for Werth. Let’s look at the first 5 years in Washington:

2005: 81-81(5th place)

2006: 71-91 (5th place)

2007: 73-89 (4th place)

2008: 59-103 (5th place)

2009: 59-103 (5th place)

2010: 69-93 (5th place)

…okay, so, the first 5 years in DC and the Nats are 412-560. They are almost 150 games under .500. So I ask you baseball writers; WHY would anyone like Jayson Werth want to sign in DC? Obviously the Nats have to overpay to bring a guy like this in! I love this signing. Mike Rizzo wants to win and he makes it known through this signing! Jim Bowden was a talker, all he did was SAY who he wanted and what he wanted to do, and he never did it. I believe that if they bring in Carlos Pena or Adam LaRoche, and sign one top pitcher (hopefully NOT Carl Pavano) there will be some excitement in the Nation’s Capital this year. I would like to make some predictions here before I go:

1. Josh Willingham will be traded for a pitcher or be a member of a mega deal.

2. Jayson Werth’s signing will attract some more free agents.


That’s it guys. GO NATS!