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First Base: Battle of the “L” names

Hello everyone,

So it’s been an eventful few weeks as we have already covered. Cliff Lee still does not have a team, the Mets named their coaching staff, and the Jets…well….let’s move on.

The Nats swung, and missed(pun intended) on Carlos Pena and his ripe, full .196 2010 batting average to the tune of a 1 year, $10 million deal. I’m slightly confused why he took a one year deal, and why the Nats did not offer him more money, but everything is okay, because there is a younger, slightly better, Adam LaRoche, and then, Derrek Lee, who the Nationals are targeting? Are you serious? I am baffled as to why the Nats would go after him. He’s 35, past his prime, and certainly not worth the money he would ask for. Lee hit a combined .269 with 19 home runs and 80 RBIs, after 2009, where he hit .306 with 35 HR and 111 RBIs. That does not seem to me to be a player a team like Washington, who is building, should bring in. Unless the fact that Lee only played in 148 games in 2010 had anything to do with this dropoff, which I would say it doesn’t, because Lee played in 141 games, hit .037 BA points higher, hit 16 more HR and had 31 more RBIs, but if the Nationals think with Jayson Werth and Ryan Zimmerman will protect him and improve his production, then so be it. Another thing to note is that Aramis Ramirez, one of his biggest protectors in the lineup along with Soriano. Ramirez, in 124 games, hit .241 with 25 HR and 83 RBIs, and Soriano, in 147 games, hit .258 with 24 HR and 79 RBIs.

Ryan Zimmerman, on the other hand, in 142 games, hit .307 with 25 HR and 85 RBIs, along with Jayson Werth, who in 156 games, hit .296 with 27 HR and 85 RBIs. Now, let me just say, Derrek Lee is a great player, and he can hit, but what about Adam LaRoche? He’s 31, in more of a prime than Lee, and could come cheaper! Last year, in 151 games for Arizona, he hit .261 with 25 HR and 100 RBIs. Plus, if the Nats were to hold on to Josh Willingham, imagine what 3-6 would look like! With the right mix of pitchers, check out this lineup:

1.Morgan/Bernadina CF

2.Danny Espinosa 2B

3.Ryan Zimmerman 3B

4.Jayson Werth RF

5.LaRoche/Lee 1B

6.Willingham LF

7.Desmond SS

8.Rodriguez/Ramos C



Now, i gotta say, as a fan who’s watched the Nats lineups since 2005, I think that is the best lineup they’ve had, PERIOD. If the Nats can reel in Lee or LaRoche, although I would prefer LaRoche because he is younger and seems more of an upturn than Lee, who could very well be on a downturn. If Washington can pull in Pavano or Webb, or even trade for a Matt Garza or a Zack Grienke, they could definitely start something special!