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Leading Off for the Nationals…Gerardo Parra?

Good Morning Nats Fans!

Reports surfaced February 25th (last Saturday) that the Nationals have interest in Arizona Diamondbacks Left Fielder Gerardo Parra. Rumors and and speculation has been running rampant since the D’Backs signed former Twin Jason Kubel to a 2 year/ $15M deal, which left many people scratching their heads. So, with that said, why would the Nats have interest in this guy if a Defending NL West Championship team doesn’t want to start him?

For one, he’s versatile. He can play all 3 Outfield positions, and batted .292 with 8 homers, 46 RBI, 15 Steals, a .357 OBP and .427 SLG in 141 Games. Kubel is definitely more of a power threat, which could be what they’re looking for in a Left Fielder. They might also have been using Parra the wrong way. I think that if the Nats get him, they should use him to leadoff and in Center.

I don’t think it’s a terrible idea. The Nats only other leadoff option that’s Major League Ready is Ian Desmond. Everyone knows my opinion on him. Parra stole 15 bases in 2011, and had a .357 OBP, .059 pts higher thatn Desi’s .298 OBP. Parra’s Slugging also kills Desmond’s (.427 to .358, a difference of .079 pts). If you want to look at things statistically, when your only other option is Desmond, go after Parra. Parra’s also a Left Handed Hitter, something the Nationals don’t have enough of. Your Lefty locks are LaRoche and Espinosa (who’s a switch, but let’s be honest, he’s a Lefty 80% of the time) if Harper doesn’t make the team. If Harper makes the team AND they get Parra, all of a sudden, their lineup is pretty balanced (1 Parra {L}, 2 Werth {R} 3 Zim {R} 4 LaRoche {L} 5 Morse {R} 6 Harper {L} 7 Espinosa {S} 8 Desmond {R} 9 Pitcher). Now, I may have the 4/5 spots wrong, but I think that’s a pretty solid lineup regardless.

Parra could defnitely help this team. The only issue is that Center Field is his “worst” position. That’s where he would most likely play. The other issue is what Kevin Towers would ask Mike Rizzo for in return. John Lannan? Roger Bernadina? Ross Detwiler? I think Bernie makes the most sense. I don’t want Lannan traded.

BOTTOM LINE: If the Nats can get Parra, they should. It’s either that, or a 2011 platoon, and pray Michael Bourn, BJ Upton and Shane Victorina sign extensions with the Braves, Rays or Phillies, respectively.