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The Nationals Offseason: My Targets

Hello Nats Fans!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have two new posts for the blog after this little sabbatical period. The MLB Offseason officially begun at 12:01 AM Thursday, and it is my second favorite time of the year, aside from the actual baseball season.

The point of this post is for me to speculate on who I think the Nats will sign and for how long, and even possible trade targets for them based on what they don’t do on the Free Agent Market.

    Avalable Players


      CJ Wilson (2011 Team(s): Texas Rangers)
      2011 Stats: 16-7, 2.94 ERA, 206 K, .232 BAA, 223 1/3 IP.
      Career as SP (2010-2011) 31-15, 3.15 ERA, 376 K, .224 BAA, 427 1/3 IP.
      I like the fact that there isn’t a lot of “mileage” on his arm, as he spent the bulk of his career as a Reliever. He had a rough postseason after a pretty darn good one last year. My opinion is that he was better last season because he was behind Cliff Lee, and was not leaned on as much as he was this year to be a stopper and an Ace. I think he’s a much better fit as a #2 or even #3 behind Stras and JZim. I think he would be an excellent fit in D.C. and would really anchor the staff.

      Edwin Jackson (2011 Team(s): White Sox/Cardinals)
      2011 Stats: 12-9, 3.79 ERA, 148 K, .290 BAA, 199 1/3 IP.
      Career: 60-60, 4.46 ERA, 801 K , .276 BAA, 1079.0 IP.
      He’s your prototypical, “we want him because he can help our staff” ‘constantly traded for yet done nothing wrong but pitch consistently’ kind of guy. He’s probably going to want job security, and may get 3 years, maybe even 4. He’s not at the top of my wish list, nor is he on the Nats’ list either. He’s a consistent middle to bottom of the rotation guy who wouldn’t be a bad fit in the Nation’s Capital.

      Mark Buerhle: (2011 Team(s): White Sox)
      2011 Stats: 13-9, 3.59 ERA, 109 K, .277 BAA, 205 1/3 IP.
      Career: 161-119, 3.83 ERA, 1,396 K, .273 BAAA, 2,476 2/3 IP.
      He’s probably the second most established pitcher out there this offseason. All he’s does is win, and eat innings. He’s a cheaper option than Wilson, as I will explain later. He’s won 13 games 3 times, 16 games three times, and has tallied single digit wins once in his 11 years, and has averaged 15 wins, capped off by a 2005 World Series winning campaign over the Astros in 4 games. He’s also logged 200 innings or more in ALL 11 years of his career, and has average 225 1/3 innings over that span. He fits the veteran guy that the Nats need, and I would love to have him.

      Roy Oswalt: (2011 Team(s): Philadelphia Phillies)
      2011 Stats: 8-9, 3.69 ERA.
      Career Stats: 159-93, 3.21 ERA, 1,759 K, 20 CG, 8 SHO, 2,154.0 IP.
      Another guy that fits the veteran bill to a tee, and wouldn’t be a bad option for the Nats if they want to go that route. The back issue scares me, but I don’t think it’s that big a deal, and he wouldn’t come incredibly expensive.

        Position Players


      Coco Crisp: (2011 Team: Oakland Athletics)
      2011 Stats: .264, 8 HOUR, 54 RBI, .314 OBP, .379 SLG, 49 SB (9 CS)
      He’s not a bad leadoff option, although his .OBP is pretty low. He’s said he wants to play on the West Coast, so I’m not really spending any time on him.

      B.J. Upton: (2011 Team: Tampa Bay Rays)
      2011 Stats: .243, 23 HR, 81 RBI, .331 OBP, .429 SLG, 36 SB (12 CS).
      He’s one of those, “I never lived up to my potential but my brother’s a beast” kinda guys. I’ve read that the Rays may not offer him arbitration, which would make him a Free Agent. If that happen,s he’ll be all the easier to sign, and the Nats keep their prospects.

      Prince Fielder: (2011 Team: Milwaukee Brewers)
      2011 Stats: .299, 38 HR, 120 RBI, .415 OBP, .566 SLG.
      Career: .282, 230 HR, 656 RBI, .390 OBP, .540 SLG
      I think Prince is an excellent fit for the Nats. He’s a left handed power hitter, and breaks up Zimmerman and Morse, who are both Right Handed hitters. If you have him batting cleanup, your 2-7 is probably Werth, Zim, Prince, Morse, Espi, Ramos, all home run threats. Now add Harper to that mix. Yeah, I’m salivating too. I would love to have him wearing a Curly W, and he’s a great clubhouse guy to go along with Werth. Is his weight a concern? Sure, but not that big of one because he’s been playing at that weight for so long. I think the fans would love him personally, as would I.

        What are they worth?
        Two Year Deals

      Roy Oswalt: He’s 34, has had back issues, but was still effective. I think with a full offseason to rest and rehab the back will allow him to be all the more effective, and be a mentor to the youngsters. Probably two guaranteed years with a club option, at about $8M/yr.

      Mark Buehrle: He’s 32, no injury history. He’s never logged less that 200 innings, and has posted single digit wins ONCE. Who wouldn’t want him. Similar deal to Oswalt, maybe $6-$7M/year for two years with a mutual option.

      Edwin Jackson: Now here’s an interesting case. He’s thrown a no-hitter, where he had like 8 walks. He can be very dominant, but because everything plays off his fastball, he can get burned very easily, which is probably why his ERA is high. He’s a tad younger than Oswalt and Buerhle (I just realized I listed them in age order), and his production is borderline comparable. He’s probably your third option if you’re the Nationals, but he’s not a bad third choice. I say 2 yrs/$10M ($5M per year).

        Four Years or More

      CJ Wilson: He’s 31, but he’s definitely a guy who would fit great with Stras and JZim and Wang and Lannan. He can be a stopper, he’s a mid-strike out guy, and he can be a mentor to the younger guys. I would say after his postseason about 5 yrs/$65M.

      Prince Fielder: Let’s face it: the Nationals need a power bat to compliment Morse, Zim and Werth. And that power bat needs/should be Left-Handed. Prince Fielder, as aforementioned, would be a fan favorite, a breaker of the righty-heavy Nats lineup, and a great clubhouse presence. I would go 6 yrs/$90-$100M.

        Possible Trade Targets

      James Shields: The Rays just picked up his 2012 option, which is worth $7.5M. Needless to say, that fact alone makes this trade unlikely, but the Nats have prospects, and the Rays could use a SS.

      Zack Grienke: The Brewers have a decision to make: do they extend Grienke, who is a Free Agent after 2012, or do they extend him? Now, it seems to me the only player they seem to want to extend is Ryan Braun, who it seems they wanna bury in Left Field when he dies. With that said, the Nats are in a completely different position this time around, so Grienke may not say no, and the Brewers could use the prospects, namely a SS.

      BJ Upton: If the Rays do offer salary arbitration, and he accepts, he could be in a package deal with Mr. Shields. He’s a great CF, and could be the answer at the top of the lineup.

      Now, things could change between now and when these players sign. I didn’t mention Jose Reyes because I don’t think he’s a huge target on the Nats radar, but he makes these trade possibilities that much more realisitic if signed, because Ian Desmond would be expendable. It’s gonna be a fun offseason, and I’ll post again when the Nats coaching staff is set up 100%.

      Go Nats!