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And now…American League Predictions! And Playoffs!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my American League Predictions, let’s get right to it:


AL East


Well, I’ve had a few days to mull over who I believe is going to win the AL East. I stand by my pick, which is Boston. I know, they started 0-6, so what? There are 156 games left to play, I think they’ll pick it up a little bit by then. Yes, their pitching is a question mark, and yes their lineup is not as good as advertised, but I think they’ll hit and pitch just a little bit more than New York will. The Yankees have some pitching issues, and certainly no offensive issues at all. I like the Sox, but the AL East will, as always, be a thriller:

1. Red Sox 95-67 —

2. Yankees 94-68 1.0 GB

3. Rays 88-74 7.0 GB

4. Orioles 80-82 15.0 GB

5. Toronto 79-83 16.0 GB


AL Central


Minnesota is the team to beat, simply because they have had a chokehold on the division the past few years. They also have two, yes TWO, Closers with Joe Nathan and Matt Capps, so the 8th and 9th innings are definitely going to be very hard to come back in. Justin Morneau is back from his concussion, and their lineup is somewhat formidable. Not nearly as formidable, however, as the Chicago White Sox lineup. They made a few uncharacteristic moves, all which involved spending money, signing Adam Dunn to a 4 yr/ $56 million deal, and re-signing Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzinski, and with their pitching, led by Mark Buerhle, and ended with Jake Peavy, they can certainly give the Twins a run for their money, no pun intended. The Tigers are another team to watch, since they do have an MVP Candidate in Miguel Cabrera, if he can stay sober (zing!). I could honestly see any one of these three power teams winning the Central. Here it is:

1. Twins 92-70 —

2. White Sox 91-71 1.0 GB

3. Tigers 90-72 2.0 GB

4. Indians 78-83 14.0 GB

5. Royals 59-103 33.0 GB



AL West


Oakland is going to be better, and I like them. Texas has started off red hot, at 6-0, but their pitching is still a question mark, and Oakland can pitch, and that pitching, from start to finish, is going to be how they win. The A’s pitching is two things- young and nasty. The rotation’s average age is 25 and they all have big potential, and are already living up to expectations, and with the additions of Brian Fuentes and Grant Balfour can really help that bullpen as well. Texas can hit, and that will be to the detriment of Oakland, because they don’t have a big bopper. Texas has a couple, Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, and Adrian Beltre. I don’t like the Angels, to me they’re too old, and they’re getting older. Seattle, maybe next year. They just need to fire their front office.

1. Athletics 90-72 —

2. Rangers 89-73 1.0 GB

3. Angels 81-81 9.0 GB

4. Seattle 69-93 21.0 GB


Wild Card


The Yankees win the Wild Card. If they don’t, i’ll take the Red Sox. I believe they are too good, and nobody in any other division can hang with them in my opinion.

1. Yankees 94-68 —

2. White Sox 91-71 3.0 GB

3. Tigers 90-72 4.0 GB

4. Texas 89-73 5.0 GB

5. Rays 88-74 6.0 GB


2011 MLB Season is here! With NL Predictions!

Welcome to the 2011 MLB and Nationals season Nats fans!


Well, the first series was pretty rough, especially with yesterday’s 11-2 rout. The bright spot is that Jordan Zimmermann went 6 solid innings, only giving up 2 earned runs. The bullpen imploded, as Todd Coffey, Doug Slaten, and Brian Broderick gave up a combined 8 runs. Hopefully this does not start a trend of bad bullpen pitching. Now, this entry will be my updated 2011 season predictions, right down to the World Series, so let’s get down to it:



It is very hard to pick against the Phillies’ rotation. I mean come on, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton in ONE rotation? It really sounds like a fantasy team’s pitching, but, unfortunately for any fan of the NL East except those in Philadelphia, it is a sad, sad reality. Hey, at least they’re all in their low to mid 30s, huh? And Chase Utley is already having injury troubles, which really means almost nothing with that rotation. The Phillies have an opportunity every night to have their pitching go at LEAST seven innings. In 2010, the Phab Phive, with Lee on the Ranger/Mariners and Oswalt on the Astros/Phillies, went a combined 67-49 with a 3.25 ERA. That was with Lee in Seattle and Texas and Oswalt in Houston and Philly, imagine how good they will be a full season. The only other team in the division i see pitching with them in Atlanta. Tim Hudson, Derek Lowe, Tommy Hanson, Brandon Beachy, and Jair Jurrjens when he returns from the DL is pretty filthy as well, as their combined record was 50-40 with a 3.56 ERA. That’s pretty respectable and comparable to the Phillies, and with Jurrjens back and fully healthy, hopefully, and Beachy for a full season, the Braves are definitely a threat, especially with that lineup as well. The Nationals are going to take strides, not steps. They finally have a set five man rotation with the addition of Tom Gorzelanny. I believe that this with the combo of Marquis and Zimmermann being fully healthy will translate to the Nationals being a surprise team in 2011. Here is my NL East prediction:

1. Phillies 97-65 —

2. Braves 93-69 4.0 GB

3. Nationals 82-80 15.0 GB

4. Marlins 78-83 19.0 GB

5. Mets 75-87 22.0 GB


NL Central:

The Milwaukee Brewers are overrated, let’s get that out of the way now. Zack Grienke is on the 15 Day DL with a cracked rib and Shawn Marcum is having shoulder troubles, which is never good. If these two issues persist, they will certainly not live up to expectations. We know they can hit, with Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Corey Hart. I like the Reds, however. This offseason they didn’t change much, simply locking up their young core players for years to come. I don’t think they have much competition, save for the Cardinals, whose injury to Adam Wainwright really hurts, almost kills their chances for me. Here’s how my NL Central shakes out:

1. Reds 94-68 —

2. Cardinals 90-72 4.0 GB

3. Brewers 84-78 10.0 GB

4. Cubs 82-80 12.0 GB

5. Pirates 69-93 25.0 GB

6. Astros 64-98 30.0 GB


NL West:

The NL West is nothing short of a crap shoot. They have had 4 different division winners, and 4 different basement dwellers, the past 4 years. The best of the West to me is the Giants. Their rotation is really good, and can carry them to a World Series, and win, like last year. When they won the World Series. Hello redundancy. I like the Giants because they hit just enough, and pitch beautifully. I think Colorado will give them a run for their arms, and money. Tulo and CarGo are great players, and with the right mix of pitching and hitting, they can certainly win the West as well. Here’s my NL West:

1. Giants 97-65 —

2. Rockies 93-69 4.0 GB

3. Dodgers 82-80 15.0 GB

4. Padres 78-84 19.0 GB

5. D-Backs 67-95 30.0 GB


Wild Card:

I have the Braves and Rockies tied for the Wild Card at 93-69. This would call for a 1 game playoff to decide the Wild Card winner. The Braves’ mix of pitching and hitting is simply too much for Colorado to overcome and we see the Braves win the Wild Card for the second straight year. Here is how it shakes out:

1. Braves 94-69 —

2. Rockies 93-70 1.0 GB

3. Cardinals 90-72 4.0 GB

4. Brewers 84-78 10.0 GB

5. Dodgers/Cubs/Nationals 82-80 12.0 GB

Nats Spring Training has arrived!

Wow, it’s surprising for me to see I haven’t posted a blog in a month! This is insane, although there has not been too much going on in Natstown. Pitchers and Catchers…and the rest of the squad have reported, and we have just wrapped up the first game, and win, of Spring Training, a 9-3 rout of the Mets. Mike Morse had a great game, hitting two home runs to put the game out of reach. I have had a lot of time to think, and I have a lot of things to get off my mind, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nats talk!

I believe that Mike Morse should be a starting outfielder, hands down. The Nats brass and reporters have issues with him not being able to hit against top of the line starters. My response to that is quite simple. They are top of the line starter for a reason. They are supposed to be tough to hit. Morse has been an off the bench guy for a while now, so he hasn’t been able to get in a hitter’s groove and show his hitting prowess. In my eyes, if Morse is the Opening Day left fielder, it is an upgrade offensively. Morse hit 15 homers in 266 at-bats, and i gotta say, that is pretty damn impressive. For a guy like Morse to play in not even 100 games and to have 15 homers, imagine what he could do with a starting spot, this kid is a 30 or 35 home run guy in the making. To me, the outfield needs to be tweaked, and Morse needs to be starting in Left.

My next thought is about Center. I don’t exactly understand why the Nats traded for Nyjer Morgan when they did. He hadn’t even played 60 games, until they acquired him in ’09, when he played 120 games, so i don’t see where they saw what they saw in him. His 2010 season was anemic to say the least, and if he doesn’t pick it up this Spring Training, I would love to see Roger Bernadina starting in Center this season. All that has been said about Bernie is that he could be a 20/20 player some day, and we saw some of that last year. He did fall off a bit last season, I know, but I still think he has more positives than Morgan does, he’s quite a bit younger, has speed, could hit one or two in the lineup, and I think he offers more pop at one or two than Morgan ever could. If Morgan has a bad spring, I wouldn’t be upset to see Bernie in center at all.

I’m also a bit alarmed about Chad Gaudin. Why exactly would the Nats offer him a chance to be a starter? I thought we were past the point where we were so desperate for pitching that we bring these guys in. I like in Lynbrook, on Long Island, so I have the YES network, and I saw him pitch with the Yankees and I have two words about him: Long Reliever. Gaudin is a decent spot starter and a much younger version of what Miguel Batista was last year, so let’s not kid ourselves here. Gaudin is a long man, or a mop up guy, he should not be opening the spring as a starter.

Where is Tom Gorzelanny? I don’t understand why we have heard nothing about him since the Spring started. He should be the #5 starter, not Maya or anyone else vying for that spot. We gave away 3 prospects for him, and I don’t see any reason why he should not be in the rotation. Unless he can’t get an out in the first inning against Kansas City, there is no reason for him not to be the #5 guy.


Go Nats!



Let’s Think

Hey everyone,


Spring Training is creeping ever closer every day, and after looking on, which is a great website if you are a Nats fan, and an Orioles fan too. Anyway, Phil Wood reported on his blog that he has sources telling him that the Nationals are in conversations with the Cleveland Indians about Grady Sizemore and Fausto Carmona. Now, Carmona would be the second crown jewel in this offseason, which has been the best offseason the Nats/Expos have probably EVER had, and Sizemore, who by the way, is only 28 years old, as Carmona is 27, both have incredible upside. Sizemore in his first six seasons has averaged 22 home runs and 71 RBIs, with a .272, compared to Morgan, who is also going to be 31, is simply not a comparable player, he has a .283 BA and has only averaged 25 RBIs in his first 3 years, and I am starting to wonder what exactly the Nats saw in him. If they were to acquire Sizemore and Carmona, the team is better pitching wise and could be better in the field, and Sizemore is capable of batting almost anywhere 1-4 in the lineup. Sizemore can steal 40 bases in a season, and that kind of speed is a great way to manufacture runs, and will very much help out Zim, Werth, and LaRoche, especially if the top of the lineup is Sizemore and Espinosa. My one issue is this, I do not want the Nats to give up a lot for these guys. Carmona was 13-14 with a 3.77 ERA and was coming off of 3 straight years of a losing record with an ERA at or above 5.00. Sizemore only played 33 games last year, so right now, their stock is NOT high at all, so the Nats could probably move a few mid level prospects, but I would be shocked if we see Storen, Espinosa, or Desmond go. The Nats shouldn’t have to give up too much, and I really hope that they don’t.

Let’s Go Nats!


New Nats Moving in!

Hey everyone!


There is a little over a month left until the Pitchers and Catchers report, and the Nats have continued to expand upon what is, in my opinion, the best offseason since they moved to Washington in 2005. The proof is in the pudding, the Nats’ outfield batted roughly .240 last year, and what do they do? They sign Jayson Werth to a 7 yr/$126 million deal, bring in Rick Ankiel to shore up the bench and defense, and allow Adam Dunn to walk(for once.) and bring in Adam LaRoche to shore up first base, defensively and offensively. Finally, today the Nats brought in a pitcher, only after striking out on(no pun intended) Cliff Lee, Matt Garza, Zack Grienke, and Carl Pavano. Tom Gorzelanny has been acquired from the Chicago Cubs, for Michael Burgess and A.J. Morris, and an unnamed prospect. Now, although these are not top of the line prospects, and Gorzelanny is not a top of the line starter, this is a solid deal, and I like it. Am I totally satisfied? Not by any means, but Gorzelanny is a solid pitcher. He has had more bad years than good, but he has won 14 games, he has improved his control and has an improved fastball. He will be a #4 or #5 starter, and he shores up a rotation that has more questions than answers. Yunesky Maya, John Lannan, Jason Marquis, Jordan Zimmermann, Livan Hernandez, Luis Atilano, Chien-Ming Wang, Tom Gorzelanny, Ross Detwiler, and J.D. Martin are all going to compete for a rotation spot. That in my opinion is a great position to be in. When you are that deep in starting pitching, when someone gets injured you aren’t as worried because you are very confident and you do not worry as much, as a fan or manager. My personal rotation would be this:

1. Livan Hernandez

2. Jordan Zimmermann

3. Jason Marquis

4. Tom Gorzelanny

5. Chien-Ming Wang

I honestly see this team now, with Gorzelanny in the fold, winning between 75-80 games, so needless to say i’m so excited for this season, even moreso than i am for baseball in general.




2011 is here, as are predictions…

Happy New Year Everyone!


2011 is here, and the offseason is starting to settle down as we have 41 days until pitchers and catchers report, and to me, that is obscenely exciting. Derrek Lee has signed a 1 year deal with Baltimore, and it seems to me to only be a matter of time until Washington will reel in Adam LaRoche. If they bring him in, I hope it is for 3 years because I want a set first baseman for a few years, and not speculate and hope for a new first baseman after a year or two, like Adam Dunn, or Nick Johnson, when he actually played that is. I have decided to speculate and predict the NL and AL, division by division.




NL East: The Phillies have the best rotation in baseball, bar none, and with Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, and the rest of their lineup, they will be in every game this upcoming season, and the key for opposing team is this: if you can pitch with them and play good defense, the Phillies are very beatable. The problem with this theory, you ask? Easy, not many teams can pitch with the Phillies. This is the Phillies division to lose. Atlanta begins the Fredi Gonzalez era with the fountain of youth. Atlanta plays energetic baseball, and they can certainly pitch with the best of them, and the addition of Dan Uggla in that lineup is going to be scary with Heyward and McCann. The Braves will contend, hopefully, as I do not have much faith in Gonzalez as a manager at all. The Florida Marlins are young and in the Braves trade, did one of their “let’s trade our best player, or players, and start fresh with more youth.” Typically, it has worked in the past, as two out of the three years they have done it, they won the World Series in 1997 and 2003. The only problem is this: The Phillies and the Braves are simply better. They have better lineups and better pitching, although not much better on Atlanta’s part, with Philadelphia being the obvious measuring stick. Florida could maybe contend, and just maybe, make the playoffs, if a lot of things work in their favor with the Wild Card and other divisions. The Marlins will be able to pitch, and hit a little bit, but this will be a rebuild year with the Marlins. The Mets, who hired Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins, will also be going through a year filled with rebuilding and perhaps trading away their expiring contracts depending on where they are at the All-Star break. Mike Pelfrey will be the focal point of this rotation, as Johan Santana will be recovering from surgery, and that would be good, if the rest of the rotation (R.A. Dickey, Dillon Gee, Jenrry Mejia, Jon Niese) was not filled with youngsters(Mejia, Gee, Niese) and a ‘redemption story’ (Dickey). We know the Mets will hit, with Wright, Davis, Pagan, Bay, Reyes, and Beltran, but without a fully functional, concrete in roles pitching staff, it will be a long year in Flushing. And now, we go on to my Washington Nationals. The Nats still need a first baseman, want one more top of the rotation starter, and maybe add a few more small chips. I am a little annoyed they could not reel in these players earlier, but Pavano is supposed to be choosing his next cap soon, and Adam LaRoche seems to be out of options, with Derrek Lee going to the Orioles. With the additions of Jayson Werth, Rick Ankiel, Henry Rodriguez, and with the mainstays of the Zims (Jordan and Ryan), and a rotation that is decent at best, I could see the Nats surprising some people this year. With all this said, here is my standings prediction for the NL East in 2011:


1. Phillies 97-65 —

2. Braves 91-71 6.0

3. Marlins 80-82 17.0

4. Nationals 73-89 24.0

5. Mets 69-93 28.0


NL Central: We all know what the Brewers have done this offseason, bringing in Shawn Marcum for Toronto, and sending heaven and earth to Kansas City for Zack Grienke, along with Yovanni Gallardo and Randy Wolf, certainly seem  to have the pitching to compliment Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart and Rickey Weeks. It seems to be Milwaukee has a much better team this year, and although Cincinnatti is better, they could not beat good teams, so there could be a new NL Central Champ for a third straight year, I believe. The Reds had a surprising year on all accounts, winning the NL Central for the first time since 1995, before being No-Hit by Doc Halladay and being knocked out in the first round by the Phillies. They certainly will be there this year, staying quiet and not making many moves. the Cardinals have Tony La Russa, Albert Pujols, Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, Jaime Garcia, Colby Rasmus, Matt Holliday, and Yadier Molina. Those players, including their entire rotation, leaves no reason to believe the Cards will not be there this year. Houston is on the upturn, but with the top three teams i just mentioned, there is not much else to say, as is with the Cubs, even with the addition of Pena to Wrigley, and Pirates. Here is the projection:


1. Cardinals 92-70 —

2. Brewers 91-71 1.0

3. Reds 90-71 2.0

4. Cubs 82-80 10.0

5. Astros 74-88 18.0

6. Pirates 62-100 30.0


NL West: The defending champion Giants have the best 1-2-3 punch in a rotation in the league, and, unlike the Phillies, 4 out of their 5 projected starters are under 30, with one being under 25 (Bumgarner). They will certainly be in the hunt this year. San Diego did not expect to be in this year’s race, and thanks to their pitching, they were. Without Adrian Gonzalez, however, it will be much harder to compete in that division, although with the division being somewhat weak, they certainly could do it. The Dodgers, going into their first year under Donnie Baseball, will be better, and will compete, with pitching and timely hitting, period. The Rockies will be there, at the end of the season, as always, and the Diamondbacks are rebuilding and we’ll see them in a few years. Here are the projections:


1. Giants 98-64 —

2. Dodgers 88-74 10.0

3. Padres 83-79 15.0

4. Rockies 82-80 16.0

5. Diamondbacks 58-104 30.0





The AL East: Well, let’s reminisce. The Red Sox added Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Bobby Jenks. The Yankees added…Russell Martin…and…uh…yeah. The Rays lost Pena to the Cubs, sent Bartlett to Baltimore, lost Dan Wheeler to Boston and Randy Choate to the Marlins. The way I see it, the Rays will be like the 2010 Giants, relying more on pitching and timely hitting, and being a ‘just enough’ team offensively. The Rays’ pitching with certainly be in games becaues of their pitching, but not much else. Now onto the Yankees. They wanted Cliff Lee, and he singed with Philly, they also wanted Crawford…sorta…but he went to Boston. Zack Grienke had them on his no-trade list, so where does that leave the Bronx Bombers? They now have…drum roll please…TA DA! RUSSELL MARTIN!? They informed Jorge Posada he will be the everyday DH and Martin and Jesus Montero will compete for the full time catching job. The Yankees will be there somehow be there, basically riding on CC Sabathia and hoping Burnett can have a bounceback year. Toronto, in my eyes, could certainly be a dark horse. They can hit a bit, and with John Farral as their new manager, pitching minded, they could certainly develop some great pitchers to compliment that. The Jays could compete if everything goes their way. The Orioles, with Buck Showalter, the man behind the dynasty of the Yankees, will be developing the O’s for a few years until we hear from them again. Here are your projections:


1. Red Sox 96-66 —

2. Rays 93-69 3.0

3. Yankees 90-72 6.0

4. Blue Jays 88-74 8.0

5. Orioles 69-93 17.0


The AL Central: We know the White Sox brought back Paul Konerko and brought in Adam Dunn to do what he is destined to do: be penciled into the lineup to hit, and only hit. The White Sox can certainly hit, with Quentin, Dunn, Konerko, Rios, and Pierzynski, and can have a pretty decent rotation with Buerhle, Peavy, Jackson, and Danks. They could be considered the early favorite here. Don’t forget about the Twins, though. They can hit a little, with Morneau, Kubel, Cuddyer and Maur, and if Pavano does not return, their rotation won’t be the same, but still solid, led by Liriano. It could certainly be a a battle at the top between the Sox and Twins, but let’s not count out the Tigers. Detroit I could see winning this division, but only if there are big injuries in Minnesota and Chitown. Ordonez is getting old, and is coming off a broken ankle, Victor Martinez could be productive if healthy, and Miguel Cabrera is the only offensive guarantee. Their rotation and bullpen are their strengths, and if they ride them, they can contend. I do not like Cleveland at all. I believe Manny Acta is a terrible manager, and he is emotionless, as is this team. They will most likely move Carmona at some point, and will only contend with Kansas City to stay out of the basement in the AL Central. With this said, here are your projections:

1. White Sox 94-68 —

2. Twins 93-69 1.0

3. Tigers 88-74 6.0

4. Indians 68-94 16.0

5. Royals 58-104 36.0


The AL West:  Texas lost out in the Cliff Lee sweeps, and honestly, did not do much to get better. Oakland, on the other hand, did. They re-signed Rich Harden, acquired Josh Willingham, David DeJesus and Hideki Matsui. The A’s retooled their offense and improved their pitching with Harden to compliment Braden, Cahill and Gonzalez. They will definitely compete, and even win the division. The Angels have a great manager in Mike Sciosca, and can pitch and hit, they are just a bit old. This could be a three team race, with Seattle still at the bottom of the pile.  Here are the projections:


1. Oakland 92-70 —

2. Texas 91-71 1.0

3. Angels 90-72 2.0

4. Seattle 69-93 23.0


Well there we are. My 2011 season predictions. I’ll post later with my playoff predictions.


Go Nats!




Hammer gone, as is Greinke…

Good Sunday Morning,


Have I ever mentioned this is why I love baseball? Even in a time where the airwaves are being invaded by the NBA, NFL, and yes, even the NHL, the MLB is still being spoken of even though there are no games being played! And is there ever stuff to speak of! Zack Greinke, who I personally was hoping would be wearing the Curly W next season, has been traded to the….MILWAUKEE BREWERS?! HUH?! Wow, of all the teams Greinke could be traded to, he is sent to a team that almost always starts off hot and impresses people, then they fall off the face of the earth. The Royals, wanted, and got, heaven and earth in return. They received an OF prospect, an INF prospect, and I think one other prospect, and the Brewers also get Yuniesky Betancourt, ****. Now, I am surprised at where he landed, but I can’t say i’m surprised it is not the Nats. GM Mike Rizzo has been stockpiling INF prospects for a while now, and although he did not want to part with Zimmermann or Desmond, which I don’t blame him for at all, but I very firmly believe there has to be two other prospects in the organization the Royals had to like, I just don’t think Rizzo wanted to part ways that badly, and looking at what Milwaukee gave Kansas City, I REALLY do NOT blame him.

Another deal was made this week, as OF Josh Willingham was shipped to the Oakland Athletics for two “Major League ready” prospects in Henry Rodriguez and Corey Brown. Rodriguez, a reliever, has been said to reach 103 on the radar gun, and Brown can hit for power, contact, and has some speed. I was really hoping Rizzo could turn around one of these guys in a deal for Greinke, but to no avail. The fact that Rizzo is adding to a strength the Nats had last year makes me as a fan happy, because he is doing everything he can to improve the team, and he is stockpiling some starting arms who have some baggage, but certainly can deliver when healthy. If they can bring in Webb, and if Wang is fully recovered from shoulder surgery, I like them in the rotation. A lot of people seem to forget, for 2 years as a NEW YORK YANKEE, Wang was considered the ace of the staff, and if he stayed healthy, he still would be in that rotation right now. I would really like to see them bring in either LaRoche or Lee, the latter of which I am starting to see a little bit more of a positive than a negative. Lee still hit 19 homers with a thumb injury, and LaRoche, who was totally healthy, hit 25. My point here is that an injured Lee is comparable to a healthy LaRoche, and he has been playing First Base for his whole career, unlike Adam Dunn, and he has won multiple Gold Gloves. I also believe that Roger Bernadina and Mike Morse are going to florish in their new platoon roles, and I also believe if Morgan cannot deliver, we will see Bernadina in Center and Morse in Left.