Miami Lies…

Good morning, Nats and baseball fans alike,

Please pardon the horrible pun in the title, but hey, horrible franchises deserve horrible blog titles. Needless to say, you know why I am coming to you today. Tuesday evening, the Blue Jays pulled off a deal with the Miami Marlins that can be considered nothing short of a blockbuster deal. The Miami Marlins sent SS Jose Reyes, LHP Mark Buehrle, RHP Josh Johnson, C John Buck, and UTIL Emilio Bonifacio to the Toronto Blue Jays for RHP Henderson Alvarez, C Jeff Mathis, and multiple prospects that are considered to be high end. For the Blue Jays, whose GM, Alex Anthopoulos, was absolutely itching to make a big deal for Pitching, they fill 2 spots in the rotation, one with a consistent Lefty who fields his position well and knows how to pitch, but is going to be drastically overpaid the next few years, and a young right hander with a history of shoulder problems. They also get a leadoff hitter and very good fielding Shortstop whose gimpy hamstrings probably will not mix with the turf of the Rogers Center, a Catcher they didn’t really need and a Utility player who is probably one of the fastest Major Leaguers.

The Marlins? Well, they get torches and pitchforks from the angry taxpayers of Miami-Dade County, and 32 combined years of control over the players they acquired in this trade, and an angry Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton, which is probably scarier than the angry mob I mentioned first. This trade is a microcosm of what the Marlins are as a franchise under their current regime of Jeffrey Loria, David Samson and Larry Beinfest; impatience, ineptitude, and impulsive moves with very little logic behind them. The thought was with their new ballpark in place, they were going to spend, be able to afford the players they developed but couldn’t pay, and would then trade, and would finally have a fanbase to help support them. But no, Ozzie Guillen was Ozzie Guillen, as expected by everyone except the Marlins brass, another black eye on their image, and they went 69-93, finishing dead last behind the Mets, Phillies, Braves and Nationals. But, everything is alright, because they now have the money and players in place to build a contender for years, with some minor tweaks, such as when they traded Hanley Ramirez, who’s effort was always questioned, and Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infanfe, making way for some young prospects. They finally have the formula, right?


Every other team, that statement above would reign true, and they would come back next year, with some tweaks, but they have a core now. Not the Miami Marlins, you fools! Why should they give it another year? Now, I just want to say, if this deal was made because of financial reasons, and they couldn’t pay off these players, then I guess I understand why they made the deal. The problem I have is that the Marlins won’t say that, they’ll just lie, as they always have, and always will. They have stolen money from the taxpayers of Miami, and now have gutted their team, making their intentions as transparent as cling wrap: we just wanted to make money for ourselves, to hell with the fans. You guys didn’t show up in one year, when our manager made positive comments about Fidel Castro, and we were slammed with injuries, and just has a down year altogether, why should we give you another year? No, we’re going to gut our team with yet another fire sale, and in 4 years or so, we’ll do it again, and the whole time through, we will steal money from you and from our good buddy, Bud Selig.

The fact that Jeffrey Loria owns a team, and is so dedicated to his own checkbook over fielding a competitive product in a brand new stadium is a mark on him as both a businessman and a human being, and that sickens me. Thee are teams out there in the exact same position as Loria, minus the new stadium. Hell, there is a team across the state from them, the Tampa Bay Rays, who are doing about as a good a job with almost the same situation as a team can. Every single year since 2008 they have been competitive and worth watching. They sign their young players to team friendly deals or go through arbitration to a point, and pick and choose who they trade, and start the process over, and always have someone ready to step in for the traded player. So, for Loria to say he doesn’t have the facilities to be competitve is doubly sad and pathetic.

Loria runs a team full of pathetic, money hungry people, and yes men. Whether they are afraid of him or like him too much, as long as Jeffrey Loria owns a Major League Baseball team, they will never be competitive and will always be firmly planted in the sand, sinking constantly, they pulled up a little, just enough not to drown, then begin to sink again.

If I lived in Miami, I would petition to have Jeffrey Loria pushed out as an ownership. Too bad he’s close to Bud Selig.

Go Nats, and boo Marlins.



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