5 Bold Offseason Predictions…

Good Morning Nats Fans!!

This post is going to take a look at some moves I believe may happen, and are BOLD predictions! They are moves nobody may see coming, or are slightly farfetched. So without further ado, here we go…

1.) Josh Hamilton will get his contract…from the Baltimore Orioles.
The “price” of Josh Hamilton has been set. According to mlbtraderumors.com, the 32 year old Outfielder is seeking 7 years for $175MM for an average annual value of $25MM a year. The Orioles are coming off a year that saw them finish 93-69 and take the Yankees to a decisive 5th game of the ALDS, so they are going to be trying to “cash in” on that. The Rangers, according to Buster Olney and others, have become somewhat “fed up” with Hamilton, and are (seemingly) going to take the same approach the Brewers took with Prince Fielder last Offseason: if the Market totally collapses, they’ll be there to pick up the pieces. I think Baltimore, or even Seattle, are very good fits for Hamilton, as long as he’s put in a good position with his recovery from addiction.

2.) The Rays will NOT trade James Shields or Jeremy Hellickson…but a Rays Pitcher WILL be traded.
The Rays are always looking to sell high, and the obvious names out there are the two I mentioned. The lesser name out there is…David Price. I believe Shields and Hellickson are both gonna be in Rays uniforms, because they are both still somewhat cost-controlled. Price, however, could win the AL Cy Young which means one thing: he is going to get a BIG raise in arbitration. I think the Rays can get a huge, and I mean, MONSTER, package for Price, and that’s why he will be the guy traded, not Shields and Hellickson.

3.) The Nationals WILL make a big Free Agent Signing this Winter.
Will it be Zack Greinke? Kyle Lohse? Dan Hareem? Anibal Sanchez? I’m not sure, but Mike Rizzo told mutliple Nats writers yesterday at the GM Meetings that the Nats are “casting a wide net and keeping an open mind.” (courtesy of Amanda Comack {@acomack}) which makes me believe that Ross Detwiler will be the Nats fifth starter in 2013, as he should be. Remember the “mystery teams” of the 2012 Offseason? Expect them to make a comeback.

4.) The Indians will not trade Shin-Soo Choo, Asdrubal Cabrera, Chris Perez AND Justin Masterson this Winter.
When I say this, I mean that not all four of these players will be traded. Could two of them be? Yes. Could three? Sure. I don’t believe Terry Francona will be in favor of completely blwoing up the team, even if he is doing his buddies in the organization a favor Managing there. I do think Chris Perez could be dealt, especially after the comments he made about the fanbase.

5.) The Marlins will continue to prove how much if a joke they are.

I won’t hold back here, if you haven’t noticed already. The Marlins continue to prove they are a franchise comparable to a mischievous child with ADHD: constantly moving, knocking things over, making a huge mess, and that’s what they are. The Marlins are a mess and joke of a Major League Franchise. I am not a proponent of contraction, unless it involves them and only them. I believe they will trade another big name player, someone like Josh Johnson,Mark Buerhle, even Logan Morrison. They’ll be doing things the “Marlins way,” erratic and nonsensical with no real endgame or ultimate goal. And that’s the way they like it.

I also do expect Justin Upton to be traded, but that’s not a bold prediction rather than a foregone conclusion.

Here’s hoping for an incredibly fun Offseason, full of dealings and excitement! Hopefully i’m right about all five predictions, especially prediction number 3!



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