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Hey everyone,


Spring Training is creeping ever closer every day, and after looking on MASNsports.com, which is a great website if you are a Nats fan, and an Orioles fan too. Anyway, Phil Wood reported on his blog that he has sources telling him that the Nationals are in conversations with the Cleveland Indians about Grady Sizemore and Fausto Carmona. Now, Carmona would be the second crown jewel in this offseason, which has been the best offseason the Nats/Expos have probably EVER had, and Sizemore, who by the way, is only 28 years old, as Carmona is 27, both have incredible upside. Sizemore in his first six seasons has averaged 22 home runs and 71 RBIs, with a .272, compared to Morgan, who is also going to be 31, is simply not a comparable player, he has a .283 BA and has only averaged 25 RBIs in his first 3 years, and I am starting to wonder what exactly the Nats saw in him. If they were to acquire Sizemore and Carmona, the team is better pitching wise and could be better in the field, and Sizemore is capable of batting almost anywhere 1-4 in the lineup. Sizemore can steal 40 bases in a season, and that kind of speed is a great way to manufacture runs, and will very much help out Zim, Werth, and LaRoche, especially if the top of the lineup is Sizemore and Espinosa. My one issue is this, I do not want the Nats to give up a lot for these guys. Carmona was 13-14 with a 3.77 ERA and was coming off of 3 straight years of a losing record with an ERA at or above 5.00. Sizemore only played 33 games last year, so right now, their stock is NOT high at all, so the Nats could probably move a few mid level prospects, but I would be shocked if we see Storen, Espinosa, or Desmond go. The Nats shouldn’t have to give up too much, and I really hope that they don’t.

Let’s Go Nats!



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