Hammer gone, as is Greinke…

Good Sunday Morning,


Have I ever mentioned this is why I love baseball? Even in a time where the airwaves are being invaded by the NBA, NFL, and yes, even the NHL, the MLB is still being spoken of even though there are no games being played! And is there ever stuff to speak of! Zack Greinke, who I personally was hoping would be wearing the Curly W next season, has been traded to the….MILWAUKEE BREWERS?! HUH?! Wow, of all the teams Greinke could be traded to, he is sent to a team that almost always starts off hot and impresses people, then they fall off the face of the earth. The Royals, wanted, and got, heaven and earth in return. They received an OF prospect, an INF prospect, and I think one other prospect, and the Brewers also get Yuniesky Betancourt, ****. Now, I am surprised at where he landed, but I can’t say i’m surprised it is not the Nats. GM Mike Rizzo has been stockpiling INF prospects for a while now, and although he did not want to part with Zimmermann or Desmond, which I don’t blame him for at all, but I very firmly believe there has to be two other prospects in the organization the Royals had to like, I just don’t think Rizzo wanted to part ways that badly, and looking at what Milwaukee gave Kansas City, I REALLY do NOT blame him.

Another deal was made this week, as OF Josh Willingham was shipped to the Oakland Athletics for two “Major League ready” prospects in Henry Rodriguez and Corey Brown. Rodriguez, a reliever, has been said to reach 103 on the radar gun, and Brown can hit for power, contact, and has some speed. I was really hoping Rizzo could turn around one of these guys in a deal for Greinke, but to no avail. The fact that Rizzo is adding to a strength the Nats had last year makes me as a fan happy, because he is doing everything he can to improve the team, and he is stockpiling some starting arms who have some baggage, but certainly can deliver when healthy. If they can bring in Webb, and if Wang is fully recovered from shoulder surgery, I like them in the rotation. A lot of people seem to forget, for 2 years as a NEW YORK YANKEE, Wang was considered the ace of the staff, and if he stayed healthy, he still would be in that rotation right now. I would really like to see them bring in either LaRoche or Lee, the latter of which I am starting to see a little bit more of a positive than a negative. Lee still hit 19 homers with a thumb injury, and LaRoche, who was totally healthy, hit 25. My point here is that an injured Lee is comparable to a healthy LaRoche, and he has been playing First Base for his whole career, unlike Adam Dunn, and he has won multiple Gold Gloves. I also believe that Roger Bernadina and Mike Morse are going to florish in their new platoon roles, and I also believe if Morgan cannot deliver, we will see Bernadina in Center and Morse in Left.







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